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Please note: We are not connected to 'Pet Rescue Sussex', who are not a registered charity.

Dogs Available for Adoption

                                          (Last Updated 24th April 2015) 


(Please read our 'Adoption Policy' before enquiring about any of the dogs available)                                                                                                                         

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See our News & Testimonials page for stories about newly adopted dogs.

We urgently need a garage or other storage space for all the things we sell at the dog shows throughout the year, including beds, crates, collars and leads, toys, dog coats and bedding.  If you have some space we could use for free or a small payment, that would be just wonderful! 

Please ring Jan on 01403 864742.

Ollie is a six year old cross breed, he is part Springer Spaniel and part Staffie. Ollie is a really super dog, highly intelligent, calm, happy and very affectionate. Ollie just wants a family of his own to love him.

Due to increased working hours Ollie was being left all day on his own so his owners decided that this wasn’t fair on Ollie and he needed a new home.

Ollie is currently in one of our Foster homes and is happily living with lots of other dogs, he has lived with cats, he is excellent with children and loves people too! Ollie’s favourite thing is a game with his ball, followed by a good cuddle on the sofa.

You only have to look at Ollie and his tail will start wagging and just won’t stop! Ollie loves to please you, he is a very easy dog to live with and would adjust easily to a new home.

Ollie has been neutered, fully vaccinated and is micro chipped. If you would like to meet Ollie or would like some more information then please just call Paula on 01273 270636 or Helen 01444 400371 who will be happy to help.

"This is Tara, a delightful smallish cross breed about 16 months old.   Sadly she has a serious heart complaint known as Patent Ductus Arteriosus (a hole in her heart) and requires major surgery.

Fortunately, after many tests, ECGs and scans, our wonderful veterinary surgeons agreed that an operation could be performed, despite the fact that it would have been preferable to do it when she was much younger.  She will now be taken to a cardiac specialist in Surrey where the vet will perform micro-surgery - a more expensive treatment than open heart surgery but much less invasive. Hopefully it will mean she will be able to live a normal life.
Tara is a delightful dog who was extremely timid when she first arrived at her super foster home. However, she has, with love and care, become much more confident and happily plays with the foster mother's dog and others.  Her whole attitude to life has changed, and, although we have opted for the more expensive surgery (several thousands!), we feel she deserves the chance of a good quality of life at her young age.
If you feel you can help us with the cost of Tara's operation, please click on "Donate" on the left hand side of this page and download the form.

Bruno is an 8 year old Staffie, he is a sweet, affectionate, gentle boy who desperately needs a new home as his previous owners were no longer able to look after him properly.

He has a superb temperament and is excellent with children, cats, other dogs and people, generally everyone and everything! He loves to be involved and included in family life, he is undemanding and will give so much back in return for a little affection and maybe a nice treat!

Bruno loves his walks and enjoys playing with his toys. Bruno is currently in one of our foster homes and is happily living with another dog and a cat and thinks it is great when visitors call round too! Bruno is neutered, fully vaccinated and micro chipped, he will make the most super companion.

If you would like to meet Bruno or would like more information then please call Jan on 01403 864742 who will be happy to help.

Peter is a 3 year old Whippet who is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. Peter is fine around other dogs and people, but has not lived with children.

He can be left for short periods of time and has been crate trained if this is required. Where he is living at the moment there are pigs and ducks as well as other dogs and he is fine. When first let out for a walk, he will jab his nose on another dog and run off so that the dog will chase him.

Peter will need an experienced owner who will give him leadership and the time he deserves. He would also benefit from being with other dogs as he is used to being with a pack.

PLEASE NOTE: Peter is not a Sussex Pet Rescue dog.  For more information about Peter, please call Roger on 07919207159. 

Gypsy does some problem solving!  If you would like to offer this intelligent and characterful little dog a home, please ring Chris on 01273 553735.

“Hi, my name is GYPSY and I am an 8 year old English Bull Terrier cross.  I have been spayed, micro-chipped and vaccinated and I have been told that I am a fun dog who is extremely affectionate - I can lick people to death if I have a chance!  My nature is very happy and energetic. I love to meet other dogs but do not like cats (very common in canines!).

Initially I appear to be very bouncy when I meet new folks and dogs but after a while I sit quietly and love to be cuddled. My current owners do not want to re-home me but sadly, due to a severe allergy problem, I am now looking for a new forever home. I am great with children but because of my playful nature would be better with older children of 10+ so that I don’t knock them over ….. 

As you can see from my photos, I am very intelligent and can solve most problems I encounter. I love to watch animal programmes on the T.V. and enjoy going for walks and playing with my ball. 

I desperately need to find a new loving home with people who have a largish secure garden, with or without older children or a dog, and who will give me lots of affection.  In return I can promise that I will make my new
owner(s) a fun, loyal and loving companion.

Please, please see if you can help me. For further information ring Chris on 01273 553735 who has met me several times and can tell you all about me.”

This is Sheba a 1 year old Pug x Chihuahua. Due to health problems with her current owners, Sheba is now looking for a new forever home. She is a very friendly and lively little dog who loves to play and go for walks. She is friendly with other dogs, and is good around children. She knows one or two basic commands but would benefit from further training with her recall, she wants to please and responds well when you ask her to do something.

If you think that you could give Sheba the home she deserves please call Helen on 01444 400371 or Marcia on 01273 551815

Please keep checking for updates or ring Chris on 01273 553735 or Helen on 01444 400371 for more information.

Staffie Rescue also have dogs looking for good homes, please contact Marcia on 01273 551815 for more details.

Thank you for looking at our site and your interest in adopting an unwanted dog instead of buying a puppy.


Unwanted items needed

Do you have any unwanted doggy items like collars, leads, coats, bowls, toys, beds, or any unwanted Christmas or Birthday presents etc?  We are always in need of such items to sell on our stalls at various shows throughout the summer. Please give us a call and we will arrange collection.

Thank you.