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Dogs Available for Adoption

                                          (Last Updated 30th August 2015) 


(Please read our 'Adoption Policy' before enquiring about any of the dogs available)                                                                                                                         

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 TIA - This is Tia, a 5 year old Staffie.  Her owner had to part with her due to financial problems. She is the most delightful dog who is so good around other dogs, has lived with two others, good with cats and with children. She really is a very gentle and affectionate dog.  

She travels quietly in a car, seems to love the journey. Tia loves to play with her ball in the garden and when on a walk, she walks nicely on a lead and her recall is very good.  She can be left for up to 4 hours with no problem at all.

Tia would make someone a wonderful companion who likes to be out and about and then home for cuddles and her belly rubbed.

To find out more about Tia please call Jan on 01403 864742 or Helen on 01444 400371

FREDDIE - This is Freddie, a 6 year old Cocker Spaniel Cross who is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. Freddie spent 5 months in kennels after his owner went into a nursing home.  He was hoping to have Freddie with him, but unfortunately it didn't work out. 

For such an energetic dog his time in kennels must have been quite a challenge, but since coming into a foster home Freddie has shown himself to be a wonderfully affectionate dog, a bit excitable, but basically obedient, especially when rewarded with a treat. He can be strong on the lead at first in his enthusiasm for a walk, but he settles down, and he can be let off a lead where it is safe for a really good run.

Freddie is very good with other dogs, unfailingly friendly. He travels very quietly in a car. He loves to be brushed and stroked. In the house he barks when he hears noises, but will stop when asked.  He is a little nervous of the vacuum cleaner and hairdryer, and sometimes even nervous of people, but he soon comes round.  

He has met his fosterer's grandchildren and only wanted to lick them. He has been left on his own in the house for up to four hours and has been fine. In short, freddie is a really good prospect for someone who likes a busy dog such as a spaniel, he has so much affection to give. 

Please call Kate on 01980 862765 or 07788292192 if you think you could give Freddie the home that he so deserves.
CHIPPER AND CHUNKY - Hi there. We are brothers of about 8 years old and we are inseparable.  We are used to children and good with other dogs but we are not used to cats.  If you think you can give two lovely boys a home, why not come and meet us?  Please ring Wadars for further information:

Phone 01903 247111
FIZZLE - I am used to other dogs but I haven't had much experience out and about so I can be a little nervous. If you think you have the time and patience to bring me out of my shell, then please ring Wadars for more details and to arrange to see me?

Phone 01903 247111
Hey there, we are Smudge and George and we are both boys of 8 and 4 year old respectively.  Our owner became ill and was unable to keep us so we are now here at Wadars waiting for our forever home together.  Why not call Wadars for more details and to arrange to come and meet us?

Phone 01903 247111


This lovely brindle Staffie is called "Hero" and he is just 9 months old. He absolutely loves life and everything in it. He is wonderful around other dogs, children and cats, he just wants to play and have a good time.

He is housetrained, vaccinated, microchipped and will be neutered. He is always so pleased to see you even after an absence of five minutes! He has recently had a day out with his foster home to London where he encountered crowds of people, went on buses and trains and his behaviour was impeccable.

Hero would love to share a home with somebody present for much of the day and who is happy to do a bit of training with him and in return you will get heaps of affection and a very good campanion.

Please call Helen on 01444 400371 to find out more about this lovely boy.

RIO is approximately 6 years old and is a male Staffie cross breed. Through no fault of his own, he finds himself homeless and in desperate need of a new forever home.

Rio is a calm, laid back dog who is very easy to live with, his only requirement is a sofa big enough to snuggle up on and lots of cuddles of course!

Rio is affectionate, gentle and very eager to please, all in all a really super companion. Rio walks nicely on the lead and loves to go for his walks. He enjoys riding in the car and can be happily left for short periods of time.

Rio has been neutered, micro chipped, is fully vaccinated and house trained. Can you offer this sweet, lovely boy a new home?

If you would like more information or would like to meet Rio, please call Jan on 01403 864742 who will be happy to help you. Thank you.

GIZMO is a Lhasa Apso and is five years old. He is a sweet, affectionate little dog who will make a great companion. Due to an unexpected house move where dogs are not allowed, his owner has reluctantly had to re-home Gizmo.

He has a really super temperament and is excellent with adults, children and other dogs. He has lots of energy and loves to play, he can’t wait to go out on his walks and enjoys exploring the garden. Gizmo would love to live with another dog as he is desperate to play! He likes to ride in the car and watch the world go by.

Gizmo is used to being left for short periods of time. Gizmo has been neutered, micro chipped and vaccinated and is fully house trained.

If you would like to meet Gizmo or find out more about him, then please call Jan on 01403 864742 or Helen on 01444 400371 who will be happy to help you.

This is NARLA, a 3 year old Springer Cross. She is spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. Her family are having to rehome her because they have to work long hours and do not have enough time to give her what she needs.

She is a very friendly dog with people, children and other dogs but may chase a cat. Narla has a lot of energy and would benefit from having plenty of exercise, and things to do to occupy her mind.

When she does go out she loves to play with her ball and always brings it back to you. She is quite happy to be left alone for short periods of time after having a walk. She is willing to learn new things, very eager to please.

If you think that you could give Narla the home that she deserves please call Jan on 01403 864742 for more information.

KEVIN is a 13 week old Jack Russell.

He is a very bright and happy pup, willing to learn, and very nearly housetrained. He is currently being fostered with a family where there is another dog who he is learning from all of the time.

There are visiting children who he is also very good with.  He has already learnt to Sit and Stay, and knows that after every meal and a sleep it's into the garden to toilet. He is also very good at night, quiet and has only had the odd accident.

For more information about Kevin please call Helen on 01444 400371 or Jan on 01403 864742.

TOFFEE is a nine year old female Jack Russell.

Toffee is homeless due to the fact that her owners have had to move to a flat and cannot take her with them. She is a sweet, loving, sensitive little dog who would make a super companion.

Toffee loves to go on her walks and is learning how to mix and socialise with other dogs. She is used to living with another dog in her previous home and is also getting on really well with the dog in her foster home. She is excellent with children and loves a good tummy tickle and cuddle.

If you would like more information on Toffee or would like to meet her then please call either Jan on 01403 864742 or Paula on 01273 270636 who will be happy to help you.

Please keep checking for updates or ring Helen on 01444 400371 for more information.

Staffie Rescue also have dogs looking for good homes, please contact Marcia on 01273 551815 for more details.

Thank you for looking at our site and your interest in adopting an unwanted dog instead of buying a puppy.


Unwanted items needed

Do you have any unwanted doggy items like collars, leads, coats, bowls, toys, beds, or any unwanted Christmas or Birthday presents etc?  We are always in need of such items to sell on our stalls at various shows throughout the summer. Please give us a call and we will arrange collection.

Thank you.